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Alberto Amar is a Spanish musician, composer, and producer from Valencia, now based in Amsterdam.


His music and lyrics are an eclectic mix of different inspirations and uses intuition and improvisation as the main ways to create.


Alberto dives into constant experimentation, and his influences include ambient, rock, jazz, and lots of diverse music from all around the world.


He has three albums released, and he also collaborated with different artists of the indie and experimental music Spanish scene.


Alberto Amar released his debut studio album Dentro in 2014, with his band Elíal and the producer and ambient musician Suso Saiz, who also worked with Alberto on his first solo album released in 2015, Arte por error. 


After playing his music all around Spain, Alberto recorded his second solo album, The Day, in a townhouse in the French Burgundy region. 


At the end of The Day's production, he moved to The Netherlands to explore new sounds and prepare the new live show. 

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